2019 Cheer Program

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Information about the 2019 Cheerleading program will be available here on April 1, 2019. For any questions or if you’d like to get in touch with a coach, please contact our NEW email: cheer@birminghampatriots.org

Cheer is a sport that teaches athletes about leadership, teamwork, fitness as well as instruction in cheer skills, dance and tumbling.  The Birmingham Patriots offer just that! Our Cheerleaders participate in sideline cheer during Birmingham Patriots football games and participate in a Cheer-Off at the end of the season. 

 Practice Information: In 2019, an additional practice will be added to the weekly schedule to foster opportunities for growth within the team. Please see the calendar here.

Cheer-Off: Information for Cheer-Off on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 is available here.


 JV Cheer pic
Hannah (Freshman) is back for her 3rd season as a Patriots coach.

           Grade/School – 12th Grade at Groves High School

           Cheer Experience – 4 year Groves Varsity Cheerleader, former Royal Oak Charger

           Reason I love Cheer –  I love how you are able to make lifelong friends, and I love being thrown in the air.

           Favorite Quote – Be where you are, otherwise you will miss your life.


JC Cheer pic

Sydney (JV) is coaching her 2nd team of Patriots.

           Grade/School –12th Grade at Groves High School

           Cheer Experience – 2 years at Groves sideline, will start 3rd year for Birmingham United this winter.

           Reason I love Cheer – I love cheer because I love being able to see myself improve. I  also love cheer because it’s a great way to meet people and a great confidence booster.

           Favorite Quote – Be the type of person you want to meet.

           Fun Fact – Favorite food is pasta!

Varsity Cheer

Iisha (Varsity) is coaching her 3rd Patriots Cheer Team.

           School – Oakland University

           Cheer Experience – 10 years of cheer experience

Reason I love Cheer – I love cheer because it’s not only about the athleticism. Through cheer I’ve gained leadership skills, an understanding of teamwork, and a look at what hard work and dedication should be.

           Favorite Quote – Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice make perfect.

Cheer pic

Faith (Flag) is coaching her 1st Patriots team.

           Grade/School – 10th grade at Groves High School.

           Cheer Experience – In 2nd year doing sideline cheer on the Groves Varsity Team.

           Reason I love Cheer – I love cheer because of the team bonding and I love to stunt.

           Fun Fact – I have a British accent from my parents but I was born in Michigan!


Laiko (Flag) is coaching her 1st Patriots team.

           Grade/School – 12th grade at Groves High School

           Reason I love Cheer – I love cheer because your teammates become your sisters.

           Favorite Quote – There’s no secret to success. Just hard work.


Ainsley (Flag) is coaching her 1st Patriots team.

           Grade/School – 10th grade at Groves High School

           Cheer Experience – 2nd year Varsity Cheerleader

           Reason I love Cheer – I love being with a team that’s always there for you and I love flying!

           Favorite Quote – The mind is everything, what you think you become.


Jessica is in her 2nd season as Team Mom for the Patriots Flag team.

           Cheer Experience  – Started dancing at 4 years old and started cheerleading in Elementary school all the way through High School.

           Reason I love Cheer – I loved cheer because I could dance, stunt, and shout all at the same time and I was always the loudest 😊Now I love cheer because I get to see the enjoyment it brings to my daughter, Evelyn.

           Fun Fact – I have two daughters who are my pride and joy…Evelyn (6 years) on the flag team & Blythe (18 months)


Bethany and Renee (Managers) are volunteering for our 2nd year as Patriots Cheer Managers, after spending a year watching our daughters from the stands (which is where we met!).

Fun Facts – We share 50-100 texts and 2-3 phone calls a day. We also share clothes (thanks to Renee for lending Bethany a dress for a wedding last weekend!), and often attend cheer events in matching outfits (how does that happen?).

We each have 3 children. Bethany has Macy (10, on JV team), Marcus (7) and Taylor (4), and will celebrate 15 years of marriage to Matt in a few weeks. Renee has Bennett (16), Susie (14) and Sofia (11, on JV team). Renee and Dan have been married for 18 years.