The Birmingham Patriots are a competitive Youth Football and Cheer Organization with the goal of helping our young athletes grow by learning the value of teamwork, solid work ethic, preparation, confidence, and dedication.  The Corporate sponsorship program is designed to continue to give your children an elite experience that will last a lifetime by off-setting the cost of equipment and uniforms while keeping registration fees low.  Please check out the flyer below for more information on how your local business could contribute to the young athletes in our community. Thank you for supporting the Birmingham Patriots!


The Birmingham Patriots are committed to teaching proper technique, conducting well-supervised practices, and providing every participant with the latest and best equipment available.  To meet this goal the Birmingham Patriots regularly replace all safety equipment. 

Before the 2013 season, all shoulder pads were replaced and in the next two years 100% of the current helmets will be replaced.  Replacing the helmets for all of our football players requires an investment of over $30,000 in the next two years. Below is a link in which you can contribute to the ongoing efforts of the Birmingham Patriots to ensure the safety and security of the kids on the field.​