Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the registration fees?

The Birmingham Patriots are a non-profit team. Fees are used to defray the costs of most equipment, practice locations, game locations, referees, balls, blocking dummies and other necessary items. Players receive equipment including helmets, game pants, shoulder pads, belts, chinstraps and game jerseys which are customized with player’s last names that they get to keep at the end of the season.


Are there any additional costs?

There is a small list of items that is required for purchase, including cleats, cup, mouth guard, socks, girdle with pads, etc.  Fundraising events will occur from time to time to help offset additional fees. Donations are greatly appreciated.


When does the season start?

Camps start Mid-July and practices begin on August 7. The first game will be on August 25 and we DO play Labor Day weekend. Please refer to the calendar for updates.


What days and times are practices?

Prior to the first game, practices are Monday to Friday, 6-8 PM. Friday practices may be shortened.  After the first game, practice times are Tuesday to Friday, 6-8 PM.  These times may adjust as hours are lost to daylight.


Where are practices?

Practices are held at Birmingham Groves High School. Please drop off your child at the northwest playing fields next to the football stadium.


What days and times are the games?

Games are Saturday or Sunday of each week.


Where are the games?

Home games are traditionally played at either Groves or Seaholm High School. Away game locations may be found on the OMYFA website.


What if my child cannot make it to practice?

In football, practice is essential for performing well during the year.  A player missing practice may miss important schemes or scouting adjustments in any given week.  With that said, the coaches recognize that illnesses and certain events occur that prevent children from making practice.  Our official policy is that a player that has two unexcused practices during a game week cannot play.  Players participating in school events such as camps are given excused absences and are not in jeopardy of missing game time.  For clarification of any rule, please contact your assigned coach.


What teams do the Patriots play against?

In the OMYFA league, we may play any of the following teams: Berkley Steelers, Clawson Mavericks, Madison Heights Wolverines, NFWB Vikings, Romeo Jr. Bulldogs, Roseville Broncos, Royal Oak Titans, Shelby Lions, Troy Cowboys, or Waterford Corsairs.